Recently, the Street Medicine Institute established its first Student Coalition - our first group focused on street medicine programs run by students worldwide.  Click the SMISC history and mission tab to learn more of our story.  Below you can find detail about the current student leadership team.  Please become a member of the Street Medicine Institute, log in and click on the Student Coalition - Resources tab to view numerous student resources, including the SMISC Program Directory, Research and Resource Toolbox, FAQs, and more!


Meet SMISC's 2018 - 19 Leadership Team:

Name: Korrinne Yurick

SMISC Position: Chief Coordinator

University: DeSales University Physician Assistant Program

Street Medicine Experience: I have served as a volunteer since 2015 with Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) Street Medicine under Brett and Corinne Feldman in Allentown, PA.  My main responsibility in the shelter clinics was to be the first point of contact with our patients, listen to their stories while doing their patient intake, and introduce them to the team. I was also trained to assist in street rounds and connect our patients with community resources. I completed a 5-week Physician Assistant Street Medicine rotation with LVHN Street Medicine in 2019. I currently serve as the Co-President of the Student Board of the DeSales Free Clinic, a shelter-based clinic in Allentown, PA, where our goal is to build a sustainable student board model to improve continuity of care for our patient population.

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: General inquiries/suggestions for the SMISC; discuss ideas to develop and/or enhance Street Medicine programs; strategize approaches to community engagement and person-centered, transdisciplinary care 

**These inquiries will be responded to as an entire team for a variety of perspectives. 



Name: Ellie Small
SMISC Position: Quality Improvement Coordinator
University: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Street Medicine Experience: I serve as the President of Detroit Street Care (DSC) at MSUCOM’s Detroit Campus where we provide shelter-based clinics and medical street outreach to those experiencing homelessness in our community. My main focuses have been expanding the services we provide, building community partnerships and facilitating collaborative care.
Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: Starting a new Street Medicine Program; challenges and successes experienced during program development; Navigation of the SMISC google-drive and/or materials to contribute; Street Medicine quality improvement.



Name: Amanda McKenna

SMISC Position: Communications Coordinator

University: California State University, San Marcos Post- Baccalaureate Program

Street Medicine experience: I worked with Doctors Without Walls- Santa Barbara Street Medicine for 3 years as a volunteer scribe and coordinator. I was one of the Clinic Coordinators for the Women’s Free Homeless Clinic, providing all around care to the houseless women Santa Barbara. I communicated with local agencies to help better serve our patient population and supported my team in expanding our outreach to the local community, educational resources, and street rounds teams. I’m currently a Post-Baccalaureate student at CSU San Marcos in North County San Diego and preparing to apply to the 2020 cycle for medical school. I am working on strengthening the street rounds and pop-up clinic teams and outreach with the San Diego Street Medicine Alliance.


Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: How to use social media to spread the word on your program, effectively communicate to your team, share ideas on how to better structure programs or ideas that may help other teams, general SMISC questions



Name: Kerina Yao

SMISC Position: International Collaborations Coordinator

University: Maastricht University - International Track Medicine

Street Medicine experience: In 2011, I started doing outreach in the houseless community of Isla Vista, California with Street Health Outreach at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I lead the group for 3 of my 4 years there. As my love for street medicine grew, I started volunteering at Doctors Without Walls' free mobile clinic for the houseless and working poor. I continued my work in this field as I moved to the Netherlands in 2016. I started volunteering at a medical respite which provided care to the houseless and refugees in the area around Rotterdam. This year I started my studies at Maastricht University where I will be working with refugees on becoming health literate while I continue to explore other ways to get involved in the underserved community. 

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: anything regarding street medicine programs not based in the United States. As most programs and members are US based, I would like to make resources and networking easily available and accessible to internationally based programs as well.



Name: Lianna Foster-Bey

SMISC Position: Advocacy Chair

University: Wayne State University School of Medicine 

Street Medicine experience: Served as Patient Education / Care Co-Director for Street Medicine Detroit (SMD). During my time on the SMD board I focused on improving continuity of care, as well as implementing a longitudinal wellness seminar program that incorporated participant suggestions on health topics and collected practical data for improving health education to our homeless community in a wellness seminar setting. I have a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Community Health and spent numerous hours working with a local community organization in Brooklyn, NY that provided health screenings and health education to underserved community members. 


Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: Promoting patient (self)-advocacy and ensuring patients’ stories and voices are heard.



Name: Matt Sumethasorn

SMISC Position: Academic Curriculum and Research Coordinator

University: Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California

Street Medicine experience:
Worked for Doctors Without Walls – Santa Barbara Street Medicine for 3 years, where I lead the Street Team and coordinated many pop-up clinics. I also founded our Mobile Clinic and Lompoc Clinic there and worked to develop it into a sustainable program. I regularly communicated with agencies such as the Police and Fire Department, Housing Authority, Warming Shelters, AmeriCorps, and others to coordinate the best care for our patients. In collaboration with our local hospital, I worked to identify institutional and perceived barriers that prevent the homeless MediCal enrolled population in Santa Barbara from utilizing care.  I am currently at Keck SoM where I am trying to start a similar street program here.

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: Starting or sustaining a Street Medicine/Outreach Program; student program resources; Street Medicine research and quality improvement



Name: Marina Najjar

SMISC Position: Student Liaison Coordinator

University: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Street Medicine Experience: I was with Doctors Without Walls –– Santa Barbara Street Medicine for four years as a volunteer and coordinator. During that time, I orchestrated application cycles for and the training of incoming volunteers while managing over 150 volunteers. I also worked with team members in the organization to plan fundraisers and volunteer appreciation events. With our Companion Care Program, I worked with our team members to help our clients overcome barriers of access to care and met with key community members to ensure the availability of continuous wrap-around care for our friends on the street. I am now with Cooper Medical School’s Street Med program in Camden, NJ. 

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: Questions about connecting with other street teams, options for solving issues that arise within your organization, recruiting volunteers and volunteer retention, and empowering volunteers through street medicine.



Name: Mackenzie Fountain

SMISC Position: Education and Development Strategist

University: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Street Medicine experience: I started practicing Street Medicine as a first year medical student volunteering with Spartan Street Medicine in Lansing, MI. I then served as the Logistical Coordinator for SSM as a second year student. During this time, thanks to many amazing colleagues and the SMI board, I helped coordinate and create the Street Medicine Institute Student Coalition. I then served on the inaugural board as the Continuity Coordinator. I am honored to serve again as the Education and Development Strategist.

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about:Any topic that you'd like to learn about! Anything related to webinars or the student track at next year's symposium.




We look forward to collaborating with you!