Recently, the Street Medicine Institute established its first Student Coalition - a group focused on bringing together street medicine programs run by students worldwide. Click the SMISC history and mission tab to learn more of our story. Below you can find details about the current student leadership team. Please become a member of the Street Medicine Institute, log in and click on the Student Coalition - Resources tab to view numerous student resources, including the SMISC Program Directory, Research and Resource Toolbox, FAQs, and more! Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or to contact any of our team members below!

Meet the SMISC 2021/2022 Leadership Team:

Name: Sophie Roe
SMISC Position: Chief Coordinator
UniversityGeisinger Commonwealth SoM

Street Medicine Experience: "I was introduced to street medicine through an internship at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program in summer 2017. I served as a volunteer EMT-in-training at Operation Safety Net with their street outreach team as an intern in summer 2018. In 2019, I partnered with SMI to conduct the first international study of the descriptive characteristics (funding sources, billing method, providers, scope of practice, etc.) of all street medicine programs as my senior thesis project. I hope to conduct further street medicine research and perhaps a second study of this nature, and I look forward to volunteering on a street medicine team in medical school and beyond!"

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: General inquiries/suggestions for the SMISC; discuss ideas to develop and/or enhance Street Medicine programs; strategize approaches to community engagement and person-centered, transdisciplinary care. These inquiries will be responded to as an entire team for a variety of perspectives.

Name: Keirsten White
SMISC Position: Quality Improvement Coordinator

Street Medicine Experience: "I was introduced to street medicine while serving as Director of a COVID-19 Isolation Hotel for unhoused individuals and families in Central Indiana. Our team provided 24/7 care on-site while making efforts to connect clients to primary care, mental health support, medically assisted treatment, vaccinations, and casework. My experiences in this role informed my intent to work towards improved healthcare for people living in poverty as a physician. I am currently applying to medical schools and hope to participate in street medicine efforts as a medical student in the coming year. In the meantime, I am excited to support others’ in their efforts to deliver dignified healthcare on the streets and possibly participate in expanding knowledge on the impact and relevance of street medicine in communities."

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas aboutStarting a new Street Medicine Program; challenges and successes experienced during program development; Navigation of the SMISC google-drive and/or materials to contribute; Street Medicine quality improvement.

Name: Sarah Hludzinski
SMISC Position: Communications Coordinator
University: University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

Street Medicine experience: "I began working in Street Medicine with the 4th Street Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017. I volunteered here and with Maliheh Free Clinic as an EMT to assist underserved communities before traveling outside the U.S. to Tijuana, setting up free medical day clinics with Project Compassion. I moved to Los Angeles in 2019 to attend the USC Physician Assistant Program. When the pandemic emerged, I was able to work as an EMT with the Street Medicine providers through USC and bring COVID-19 testing to unsheltered encampments throughout LA County. I worked with outreach workers, healthcare teams, and multidisciplinary teams to follow patients on the street and assisted in getting many at-risk individuals into Project Roomkey; hotel rooms that the state set aside as non-congregate shelter options. I am part of the Trojan Trainer Program through USC in which I provide resources for patients experiencing homelessness currently with a team of other medical and PA students in LA. I am always looking for ways to further advocate and reach those experiencing homelessness and learn from other student groups carrying forward this effort!"

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: How to use social media to spread the word on your program, effectively communicate to your team, share ideas on how to better structure programs or ideas that may help other teams, location-specific questions relating to LA County, general SMISC questions.

Name: Stephen Venable
SMISC Position: Advocacy Chair 
University: Wayne State University School of Medicine

Street Medicine experience: "I started getting involved with street-based medicine in my first year of medical school through a program called Street Medicine Detroit. It was here that I have really grown a love for our friends experiencing homelessness. Through our runs in Detroit, I have come to appreciate the difficulties they encounter, but also have been humbled by their resilience and positivity despite all they go through.

During my time at Street Medicine Detroit, I became the Advocacy Coordinator and learned about some of the challenges involved in advocating for this population and the importance of including their thoughts and opinions in the advocacy process. I am currently the Vice President of Internal Affairs and have led multiple runs, managed the daily operations of our organization, and been involved with both training sessions and seminars. I have also worked as a registered nurse in the emergency department and am familiar with many of the challenges our population faces when interfacing with the healthcare system."

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: Promoting patient (self)-advocacy and ensuring patients’ stories and voices are heard.

Name: Rachelle Kromash

SMISC PositionAcademic Curriculum and Research Coordinator
University: East Tennessee State University

Street Medicine experience: "About a year ago, I participated in my first street medicine event, the Point-In-Time (PIT) count, with the Street Medicine Interest Group that is part of ETSU’s medical school (Quillen College of Medicine). Since that time, I have participated in the COVID-19 and flu vaccination pop-up clinics and conducted needs assessments in East Tennessee. In July, I started as a psychology extern at the Johnson City Downtown Day Center where several of my clients are currently experiencing homelessness or have recently experienced homelessness. This position is part of the clinical psychology doctoral program that I am a part of. I hope to take my experiences at the clinic and use them to provide therapy services on the street."

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: Starting or sustaining a Street Medicine/Outreach Program; student program resources; Street Medicine research and quality improvement

Name: Poyani Bavishi
SMISC Position: Student Liaison Coordinator/ International Collaborations Coordinator
University: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Street Medicine Experience: "I was first introduced to Street Medicine at my medical school in Camden, NJ. After one year volunteering with the team, I joined our school’s leadership for outreach as well as our group’s Advocacy committee where I began learning about the processes of obtaining identification, navigating housing guidelines and policies, and participating in local government. The invaluable experience I gained interacting with individuals experiencing homelessness then drove me to join SMISC so that I could understand how to take my interests and apply them for further change. It is my first year on board and I have loved connecting with other extremely passionate individuals!"

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about: Questions about connecting with other street teams, options for solving issues that arise within your organization, recruiting volunteers and volunteer retention, and empowering volunteers through street medicine. I would also love to make sure our international chapters are well connected!

Name: Kerina Yao
SMISC Position: Education and Development Strategist
UniversityMaastricht University

Street Medicine experience

Contact me for questions/comments/ideas about

We look forward to collaborating with you!