SMI Member Testimonials

SMI Member Testimonials

"SMI provides a forum for fellowship and learning about best practices all over the world. Over the years I have seen how we learn from each other and implement new practices with the hopes of improving care. It has been my favorite annual symposium."

- David S. Buck, MD, MPH

"Street Medicine Institute helped me to establish street medicine in Tel-Aviv, Israel. As a social worker who saw the acute health burden of individuals sleeping rough and felt frustrated, when I discovered SMI it was just like finding an amazing treasure, I didn't sleep the whole night. I understood this practice is needed in Israel and contacted Dr. Withers, who immediately helped me with what was needed, even sent me videos to use in the crowdfunding campaign I ran. As a member of SMI, I feel connected to the entire street medicine movement, I have opportunities to learn from colleagues and gain the confidence to establish our program in Tel-Aviv in the best way possible for the benefit of our friends in the street. Thank you SMI!"

- Ronnie-Lee Sneh, Co-Founder and Director of Street Medicine Tel-Aviv

"The Street Medicine Institute has given me a way to find my tribe--other people who just get it and who are just as excited to get to do this work as I am. Staying in this work for many years is not only about the relationships we form with our patients on the street, but also with each other so that we can bring our best to all that we do." 

- Corinne Feldman, MMS, PA-C

"Every time I attend a meeting with the Street Medicine Institute and its Student Coalition, I am reminded of firstly, why I decided to go into medicine and secondly, how important it is that we work together across disciplines to provide health and social services to people experiencing homelessness where they live. I have especially appreciated being part of SMI’s efforts to create systemic change through changing state policies and integrating street medicine into health care education. I have found my greatest mentors in medicine through this movement."

- Sophie Roe, MD Candidate, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

"Working with the Street Medicine Institute and the Student Coalition has made me realize that our organization is not a dry, philanthropic machine but rather a vibrant, interdisciplinary community that works together with our friends on the street to address some of the most pressing issues of our time. I could not be more thankful to join in with these wonderful people to achieve something greater than any one of us could on our own."

- Stephen Venable MPH, RN; MD Candidate, Wayne State University School of Medicine