Past Symposia

The International Street Medicine Symposium (ISMS) is the world’s premier educational event dedicated to the health care of rough-sleeper (unsheltered) homeless populations. The ISMS offers an impressive slate of homeless health care experts from around the globe presenting clinical topics, innovations, research outcomes, and best practices relevant to street medicine through the popular format mix of large-group lectures, interactive small-group presentations and workshops, and poster presentations. Clinicians and non-clinicians are invited to participate; we encourage and celebrate the diversity of professional roles and disciplines represented among participants. We offer continuing medical education (CME) credits for eligible clinicians.

Learn more about the history of the International Street Medicine Symposium here.

YEAR Location
2005 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2006 Santa Barbara, California, USA
2007 Houston, Texas, USA
2008 San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2010 Los Angeles, California, USA
2011 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2012 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
2013 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2014 Dublin, Ireland
2015 San Jose, California, USA
2016 Geneva, Switzerland
2017 Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
2018 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2019 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
2020 Virtual
2021 Virtual
2022 Toronto, Canada
2023 London, England
2024 Kansas City, Missouri, USA: September 15-18, 2024